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2015 Athabasca Flying Career Fair Photos

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2015 April 21-23 Athabasca Flying Career Professionals.  Thank-you to all that attended and participated with the Athabasca Hands on Career Fair. Areva - Connie Mercredi, Gary Tinker Federation Inc. - Gary Tinker, Points Athabasca - Glen Strong, NRT - Wendy Featherstone, Athabasca Catering - Bill Latourneau, A2Z Safety Training - Trevor Montgomery, KCDC Hospitality Trades - Clarence Neault, Sask. Polytechnic - Amber McFarlane, Northlands College- Bobbi Jo Maggrah, Skills Canada Sask - Devin West & Courtney Einseidler, SIIT - Brian Barton, MBC Radio- Kevin Fountain, Saskatchewan Mining Assc. - Kate Grapes Yeo, KCDC-KAIT- Cara Greyeyes, Square One - Darron Taylor, (Not in Picture)Cameo Wollaston Lake Darlene Gazandlare, Cameco Black Lake/ Stoney Rapids Freddie Throassie, Cameco Fond du Lac Lorna Mercredi , Aurora - Gill Gracie.





April 21, 22 and 23 Athabasca Flying Career Fair - MBC Radio Kevin Fountain and Aurora Opportunities North Gill Gracie attended the three day event and provided real time media coverage. Thank-you MBC Radio and Aurora for your support!!!



April 21 Athabasca Flying Career Fair -Areva Connie Mercredi providing company and recruitment information to students in Fond du Lac. A big Thank-you goes out to Connie Mercredi for not only her participating but also for helping in transportation of exhibitors and organization of hands on career activities. Connie kept us on task and enabled us to use time most efficiently.



April 21 Athabasca Flying Career Fair - Cameco Lorna Mercredi providing students from Fond du Lac with company and recruitment information.



April 21 Fond du Lac- Athabasca Flying Career Fair - Northlands College Bobbi Jo Maggrah provided information on Northland College courses offered and high school prerequisites needed to apply for courses.


April 21 Athabasca Flying Career Fair - Northern Resource Trucking – Human Resources Professional, Wendy Featherstone, instructing Fond du Lac students on the Air Brake Repair that drivers are expected to know on the road.


April 21 Fond du Lac - Athabasca Flying Career Fair - Saskatchewan Polytechnic Amber McFarlane provided information to Fond du Lac students.  Students were encouraged to ask questions on courses offered and prerequisite high school classes needed for specific courses.


April 21 Athabasca Flying Career Fair - SIIT Construction Careers – Brian Barton is a Journeyperson Electrician employed at SIIT. With standard electrician’s tools Brian provided hands on demonstrations of a basic wiring of electrical boxes, plugs, switches, keyless lamp holder to students in Fond du Lac.


April 21 Athabasca Flying Career Fair - Square One – Darron Taylor is a Business Information Officer at Square One: Saskatchewan's Business Resource Centre. Darron walked these Fond du Lac students through a trade simulation activity, where they learned about the “give-to-get” process of business transactions and the differences between cash vs. credit transactions.


April 22 Athabasca Flying Career Fair -A2Z Safety Training – Trevor Montgomery is the owner of his own safety training business out of Prince Albert. Trevor delivers training for the mining, forestry and other industries North-wide. Trevor demonstrated safety activities that apply to the work site to students in Black Lake SK.


April 22 Hands on Career - Athabasca Catering - Journeyperson Chef - Bill Letourneau,Bill has worked as a Chef across Canada.  Bill demonstrated basic knife skills and proper knife handling to students in Black Lake SK.


 April 22 Hands on Careers - Black Lake SK- Northern Hospitality Services – Journeyperson Food & Beverage Server - Clarence Neault. Clarence provided student with a hands on activity, handling stemware and folding napkins as part of the fine dining experience in this industry.


April 22, 2015 Athabasca Flying Career Fair - Hands On Careers - KCDC KAIT – Terminating an Ethernet cable is a useful skill, particularly for those interested in becoming a computer network technician. Cara Greyeyes teaches students in Black Lake how to terminate Ethernet Cables.



April 22 Athabasca Flying Career Fair - Sask Mining Association – Kate Grapes Yeo is a geologist and an educator working as the Education Outreach Coordinator for the Saskatchewan Mining Association. Kate provided a hands-on activity that provides the students in Black Lake a quick introduction to Mineral Resource Exploration.


April 22 Black Lake Skills Canada Sask Courtney Einseidler Event Coordinator talking to Black Lake Students about Skills Canada Saskatchewan Skills Competitions.


April 23 Athabasca Flying Career Fair Gary Tinker delivering  “Nothing is Impossible” message to Wollaston Lake Students


April 23 Athabasca Flying Career Fair -Wollaston Lake - Points Athabasca - Glen Strong Carpenter - Glen Strong guided students through the estimation process for constructing a shed, using blueprints to calculate the amount of material required.


April 23 Athabasca Flying Career Fair- Skills Canada Sask - Devin West is a journeyperson carpenter with Skills Canada-Saskatchewan. She provided a hands-on demonstration in carpentry framing skills to students in Wollaston Lake.

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