Born March 26, 1945. 

Charlie Cook is best known for his years of work in the bush as a prospector, line cutter, and in more recent years working in the field of Geophysics. Over the years Charlie has mentored and worked with many seasonal workers in the Boreal Forests throughout Canada's North and has even spent time working in Canada's Arctic Region. Charlie is well known for not only his hard work ethics and skills but for his willingness to share all his knowledge with anyone that works with him.

Charlie's love of the bush is evident as he decided to build himself a new cabin at the family trapline in 2015. The trapline was where Charlie and his wife Miriam raised their family of five children, which was the home base from where they would both take on seasonal employment. With retirement, Charlie has taken the time to really make the trapline more accessible for his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Charlie's focus is now on passing his skills and knowledge of fishing, trapping, preparing furs and even tanning hides, to his ever extending family.

People have often remarked that Charlie should write a book on all his amazing experiences and life lessons, which range from killing a bear with an axe to locating gold mines. Many of his stories about his encounters are actually true and in some cases he has pictures to prove it!


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