Knudsen family

Knudsen Concrete Ltd., and formally Knudsen Northland Construction Ltd., have been supplying northern Saskatchewan.

  1. Knuden’s built the original road into the Decade Mine site, which is now the Jolu Mine, after Peter Knudsen was flown into the site and walked out while planning the best place to build their permanent road.
  2. All weather road into Star Lake Mine.
  3. All weather road into Contact Lake Mine.
  4. Winter road to Fox Point (94km) and hauled fuel to what is now McArthur River Mine Site.
  5. Made winter exploration road and snowplowed road into Cree Lake.
  6. Crushed and screened gravel and poured concrete for mine shaft collar at Midwest Lake Joint Venture.
  7. Made Drill roads for Hogg Construction south of La Ronge for coal exploration.
  8. Used a specially equipped skidder with a backhoe attachment for soil sampling for Golden Band.
  9. Drill roads for Occidental Petroleum near McClean Lake.
  10. Drill road into Waddy Lake.
  11. Winter work on Cluff Lake Mine road.
  12. Joint Venture with Patrick Pipeline (Patrick/Knudsen) at Key Lake mine for site work and concrete.
  13. Joint Venture with Graham Brothers Construction for roads and site work at McLean Lake Mine

Peter, Scott, and Chris Knudsen all do mineral exploration in northern Saskatchewan, and B.C.
Peter has his own geophysical instruments and also a Diamond Drill which has drilled many holes on his many northern claims. Peter plans on doing mineral exploration until he is 120 or his legs give out - whichever comes first.
Scott and Chris also have their own Diamond Drill which they use for custom drilling and drilling on their own claims.
Pat Knudsen (Momma Knudsen) runs the business end of things and puts up with Peter and her boys expensive hobby.


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